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Ignacio Brenes Montenegro, “GyZmo”, born on August 8th, 1982, took his first steps as a DJ and producer in 1998. The first genre with which he fell in love was Reggae Panameño, very popular at the time, but he was already familiar with tracks like Comin ‘On Strong by Rebel MC, Spliffhead by Ragga Twins, Alex Reece’s Pulp Fiction and Dillinja’s Grimey.
Ignacio has been formally educated in musical composition and structure. He considers himself a fan of all genres. This formal training and experience is something that he brings to bare in his role as producer as well as artist.
In his role as an independent producer, GyZmo has successfully fused these different genres of music to create something completely new, such as Ska with Breaks.
GyZmo has represented Costa Rica in festivals such as the Bass Alliance 2012, held in Guatemala. He has also been part of important celebrations and festivals in his native Costa Rica, such as “Somos Libres 2”, where he performed in front of over 4,000 fans.
Also, national radio stations such as OK!, Beatz FM, 979, among others, have given airtime to GyZmo and broadcast his mixes and original productions.
In addition, some of his productions have been welcomed by UK radio stations such as Spark FM.
In 2016, he founded, a portal dedicated to the Spanish-speaking Junglist.
Little by little it has become one of the most important websites in the genre worldwide.
In 2018, he managed to put his first single on the digital platform Apple Music, La llorona: also available on platforms such as Spotify and iHearthRadio.


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